Devil's Distillery

Tasmania’s prevailing winds are westerly and unimpeded by land, as they cross thousands of kilometres of the Southern Ocean. These unsullied winds provide our partially mountainous island State with extremely pure air and rainfall. These attributes and our cool temperate climate allow us to grow extremely good varieties of malting barley.

Devil’s Distillery uses a Tasmanian grown malt barley variety known as Westminster. For our regular and fresh requirement, this barley undergoes early germination at Cargill’s Tasmanian malthouse near Devonport. Devil’s Distillery’s single malt whisky casks are medium charred American oak ranging in size from 20 litres to 40 litres for our first-year production, then we filled 80 litre and now 100 litre capacity casks. Our finishing casks are mostly European oak, which previously held fortified wines. Devil’s Distillery has been recognised with a range of awards since production started in 2015.

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    The aromas are soft and inviting with creamy vanilla, juicy fruits, baked streusel cake, toffee apples and a gentle maritime note. The palate is like shortbread, apricot jam, gingerbread and white chocolate with fresh fruits, butterscotch, apple pie and white oak. The finish is smooth, creamy and well textured with juicy fruits, vanilla slice and a burst...


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